March 15, 2013

29 And Mental Health

Colorado HB 1229 (universal background checks) came out of the conference committee and will get voted on by the senate then by the house. All of that happens today. That'd be Friday, today. That means there will be 2 chances to stop it from being sent to the governor. Calling/writing/emailing/twittering/etc. your senator and rep would be a goo didea to make sure they oppose this bill.

This should be a copy of the bill with all the amendments. But it's been amended so much I'm not positive what changes were made by the conference committee. I don't know whether this copy of the bill reflects those amendments or not. I do recall Rep. Fields was anxious that the language concerning corporations may allow someone to possess a gun without a background check. And the linked copy does clarify that every member of a corporation (or partnership, trust, etc.) must have a background check. Though I seem to recall something like that in the bill a few days ago.

Also on Friday, Rep. McCann is supposed to unveil her mental health bill. Until I see the language of the bill I can't say for certain what it will do, but it's supposed to mandate that mental health professionals notify the CBI if they think someone is too dangerous to possess weapons, and sets up a process for such a person to have their Right restored. I cannot see how it would be a cool thing given its description, and I'd be concerned that some repubs would cave on this one. But until it's actually introduced there's no telling how objectionable it will be.

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