March 09, 2013

Horsin' Around

A lady I used to know sent this to me a few years back. If you've seen it before go ahead and seen it again. After all, that is one bad-ass little horsie, and an extremely competent rider. (and I confess I still giggle a bit at the 1:03 mark - talk about "in yo' face"). It reminds me of some stuff I saw football players at my old high school do - and they prided themselves on being flashy as well as just plain good. I never knew a horse could do that though. Then again if ponies can teach about gun safety...

Anyway, y'all enjoy.

Oh and just cause, how about some Bad Horsie?

(Vai does all the horse sound effects on guitar. And the intro is the train as was played in the movie Crossroads in case it sounded familiar.)

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