February 07, 2013

On The Rock

I always liked Chris Rock. His politics are a bit left of Mao mine but I could still appreciate how he structured his stand up routines. But I can't say his latest attempt at being a stand-up philosopher is particularly amusing:

"The President of the United States is, you know, our boss. But also, you know, the president and the first lady are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country. And when your dad says something, you listen. [And] when you don't, it usually bites you in the [expletive] later on. So I'm here to support the president."

Great jumping Vishnu on a pogo stick! Our dad??? No. No no no no no. My dad could put me over his knee & take a hickory switch to me when I did something wrong. My dad works for a living (still!). My dad doesn't pretend to be a skeet shooter extraordinaire. And perhaps the most startlingly differences, my dad not only realizes that since I'm an adult he can only advise (not force) me to do what he thinks is best, but he can balance a budget!

So no; Obama, nor any other president, is not like my dad. No president, past or present, has ever been my "boss". I'm an American; I have no liege lord, no overseer, no leader, no boss, & damn skippy no master.

This concept is not exclusive to the left. How many times have you heard those on the right talk about someone's qualifications for office, using the phrases "governorship", "leadership", etc.? It's the same concept just with a different descriptor. When I vote for a president, I don't vote for a leader, or a boss - I vote for a representative - someone to manage the White House in my stead. It's physically impossible for all 300 million of us to fit in the Oval Office at the same time (and even if we could you know that someone would break wind - you've been in elevators before; you know it's true). The president ain't the president of America; the president is the president of the executive branch of the federal government. So unless you're on the clock for the executive branch, or serve in the military, you do not have a president - no one presides over you. You have a representative - someone elected to manage your interests in your stead. An American doesn't have a president - an American has an employee.

Oh, lest I forget, the First Lady is not like our mom; she's not even like the wife of our employee - she is the wife of our employee.

Le sigh with a twist of Narcatics Anonymous - just cause your last name is Rock doesn't mean ya gots ta hit it before you talk to folks with tape recorders ya know.

Another article makes mention of Rock's quote, in addition to other celebrities who cry out for more gun owner control as well as a token congress critter:

"Congressman Mike Thompson, D-Calif., said the gun control task force he leads on Capitol Hill will have recommendations for Congress in the very near future on the next legislative steps.

'I'm a gun owner, I'm a hunter and I believe in the second amendment. Law abiding Americans have a right to own a firearm,' Thompson said, 'but there's also not only a right but a responsibility to regulate that right to own a firearm.'

Thompson said it is going to take the 'responsible middle' in Congress to get legislation passed."

A responsibility to regulate a Right? Clearly this chump has no concept of what a Right actually is. I wonder if he realizes that if the "responsible middle" does pass any gun owner control laws, that come next election a lot of folks are gonna cut out the middle man?

Once again though, the old ploy resurfaces; "I support the 2nd amendment BUT..." Somehow that kinda makes me feel like either he's lying or he's sincerely confused. After all, if he really understood and supported the 2nd amendment there'd be no buts, let alone him making himself out to be an ass

But according to a comedian the president is our boss, he and his wife are like our mom and dad, and if we don't listen to him it'll bite us on our ass. Like I said, Chris Rock is an extremely funny guy.

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