January 30, 2013


That's Julie Borowski also known as TokenLibertarianGirl, responding to the questions "why do you need an 'assault weapon'?" (She has a few other gun related vids, which I'll post in the extended entry.)

There are some other ways to respond. (Personally I'm a fan of Say Uncle's dialectic, but i agree it's probably not the best way to win converts. It's fun though...). Pointing out stories like the following aren't a bad way to get the idea across that sometimes bad guys arrive in plural.

2 shot, 4 charged in home invasion.

3 out of 5 or 6 charged after lethal home invasion from 1994. (As an aside, these intruders claimed they were police as they burst into the house to gain compliance. By the time the victims realized they weren't cops, it was too late. Just sayin'.)

Rifles, especially rifles with factory standard magazines with 15 or 20 or 30 rounds are generally a better choice when dealing with multiple assailants, or even one determined assailant. Police have relatively low hit rates as a rule. That's due to several factors: any type of fight is stressful & that causes problems with fine motor skills, the assailant doesn't usually stand there quietly waiting to be shot (moving targets are trickier to hit) and cops predominantly use handguns (plus their training isn't always or even usually as rigorous as most folks believe). So anything that increases you or your family's chance of surviving an attack would fall smack dab in the middle of "need".

A lot of our work is in explaining to folks just what certain weapons are as well as what they're capable and not capable of. Most people got their firearms education from reading the NYT and watching CNN, so there is much to unlearn. Once we make progress in those regards, it's easier for them to accept that owning and carrying a weapon is a Right, not subject to anyone else's approval. Though for folks whose mind you know you're never going to change, I am a fan of the Say Uncle response linked above.

Anyway here are some of miss Julie's other vids concerning gun owner control.

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