May 17, 2007

The Links, The Whole Links And Nothing But The Links

In an effort to clean out my bookmarks here are some non gun related links I thought were worth saving for one reason or a'tother.

I read a rather interesting post about a movie called The Barbarian Invasions & a RN losing her father to cancer. I seem to recall catching part of The Barbarian Invasions a few years back but can't recall too much about it, but none the less the post is worth a read. On a semi related note I also found some neat pics of anatomic models imposed on real people. I found both the afore linked posts at Volume 3, Number 33 of Grand Rounds (which is basically a medical blog carnival). May 6th through 12th is a national week to recognize RN's. On yet another medical related note, I was pointed to this page which tells about the upcoming (June 14-21) 30th annual medical professional assistants week, in case you know one. & because animals need love too I noticed that National Veterinary Technicians Week occurs October 15 through 21rst - just in case ya need to mark your calender.

They've been exploring human food for the same contamination that has effected pet food. There's also talk of poisoned medicine coming from China.

An artificial butter flavoring is suspected in making some folks sick. When I'd hit the movies a bit more frequently I'd notice that the popcorn gave me a mild headache. Guess there was something to that after all.

"Study: Vitamins tied to prostate cancer"

Old ways seem to be good ways - honey is being promoted as a way to help diabetics avoid amputation.

Via Instapundit, a post about how the gatekeeper idea in government harms folks with serious illnesses.

Hamburg is putting in a new concert hall that sounds promising.

A Douglas Adams Tribute Page

The brightest supernova to date has been observed.

Some folks are saying that ceiling height effects your thought processes.

Via Annika, the met has a neat zoom function on their website. Annika links to The Abduction of the Sabine Women by Poussin in her post so to be different I offer you Chagall's The Lovers.

& speaking - er, typing of art in Beirut some racy art is being shown in an attempt to change attitudes in the culture.

My pal Anachronista has a post up on -er, modern(?) gadgets. There have been so many occasions that I wanted to tell time while flinging mini projectiles at folks, & thanks to her post I now have a solution. & Anachronista has posted a link to a rather lengthy podcast of medieval music. My old music history teacher would be ashamed that I didn't' recognize all the styles.

A historian claims to know who Jack the Ripper really was.

End the War on Freedom has a post about a guitar player with a not very common style.

There's a piece up at Reason that offers some speculation about Hollywood ignoring films that deal directly with communism. & speaking of political motivations, looks like there could be another bit of quasi-scandal in the University of Colorado.

In Greece they've found a bit of cloth that they think is around 2,700 years old. & I thought I was bad about keeping jeans long past their shelf life.

Teither this feline really hated communism or really loved NC - possibly both.

& how could I not send some love out to my sisters who wear the g-string for a good cause? Dancers For Democracy. Y'all.

When they came for the ferrets I didn't speak up.... (via The Bitch Girls)

"Tomb Raiders Lead Archaeologists to Hidden Egyptian Grave Site"

"Big cat baby boom keeps Mexican zoo busy"

"Psychiatrist Explains Why Women Settle for Mediocre Sex"

& just when you thought it was safe to open go on the internet, "The new regulators of political speech are Sergey Brin, Rupert Murdoch and Mark Zuckerberg -the chieftains of YouTube, MySpace and Facebook, respectively."

Finally some links on heart health (specifically preventing heart attacks) from Instapundit.

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