May 17, 2007

Gun Shoe

Nope. Not a typo in the title (this time). I jokingly asked in Part One of the interview with Annika which Stacy Adams would go best with a retro 1911. Damned if she didn't answer (scroll down to question 12).

The short version is she thinks The Madison in black would work after a few shots of cognac. Or something like that.

Shame she's giving it up (the blog) in a few days. In fact she'll be quitting on the 232nd anniversary of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence (just thought I'd mention that in the hopes that her history major roots will divert her from becoming a law... lawy... powdered wig type).

Course I could be cruel but since I'm not that type of - wait a damn minute - I am that type of guy:

Say you have a busy day planned. You'll be carrying the AK in the morning

The '17 Enfield around mid-day

& the Garand

in the late afternoon; all the while packing a Witness 10mm.

But you don't have time to change your attire. What ensemble would Annika recommend? I mean just because you're clashing with folks bent on killing you is no excuse for clashing with your choices of arms is it? :)

(Seriously I will miss reading her as I suspect a lot of folks will)

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