May 17, 2007


One of the best known tunes that Toto ever released & for good damn reason. It's well structured, well performed & gosh darn it, people like it. Here's the vid.

David J (formerly Zombyboy) of Resurrection Song has always been good about keeping up with what's occurring in Africa. Matter of fact he's got a category called Africa that subdivides into Somalia, Sudan, Togo, & Zimbabwe.

Course I'm slightly disappointed that he doesn't have the animated vid Kenya or the live action vid of Kenya anyplace where I can readily see it. But his thoughtful & timely commentary on the rest of the continent makes up for it.

Any discussion of Africa's problems would not be complete without mentioning Kim du Toit's essay entitled Let Africa Sink. Agree with his conclusion or not, he was born & raised there so I found his perspective interesting for that alone.

So if you were curious what was happening on the other continent across the Atlantic then I'd recommend reading the two respective bloggers take on things.

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