April 10, 2007

BAG Day Reminder

B.A.G. Day is coming up again. The 15th of April if you didn't know. & that's Buy A Gun Day - not to be confused with Buy A Gin Day (which as I'm told occurs on any day ending with "Y").

Say Uncle points to a blogger who's also an FFL & is offering a discount to other bloggers & he points to Cowboy Blob who is keeping tabs on B.A.G. Day purchases. & I would be remiss if I didn't point you to Michael Bane's B.A.G. Day post complete with an anime poster, links to gun give-a-ways & a link to someone's list of the top 10 manliest firearms.

It's a little dated but I wrote a post back in 2005 full of advice on what to get if you happen to be undecided or new to the ritual. B.A.G. Day Links You Should Click. Also there's a series I did on the different types of armaments commonly available with some discussion of why they're useful. Violence Begets Violence Part Seven: Multitool is about shotguns (which I feel is the most utilitarian firearm available & everyone should have one for social purposes) & has links to the first 6 parts of the series. If you're still undecided it may (or may not) help you decide what type of firearm to purchase.

To streamline things I would recommend that if you don't have any firearms or have a minimal number of them to acquire a shotgun (a pump like the Remington 870 preferably but a double barrel or single barrel will get you by), a .22 rimfire rifle (like the Ruger 10/22), & a battle rifle (such as the M1 Garand). With those 3 you can handle almost anything a long gun is needed for. Pistols, no matter how much we like them, are merely a substitute until you can get your hands on a long gun.

I won't be buying anything this year - for B.A.G. Day at least. I have a few projects I'm almost through with & I'll post about them when I'm done but that has taken up my discretionary budget for the moment. I'm not above participating vicariously though, so when you go out & buy something, buy something for me. :)

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