April 09, 2007

I Saw Red (Again)

I've used this song before but couldn't think of another as title appropriate. Here's a vid of the tune done by Jani Lane (& yes, the attempts at harmony by the keyboard player are irritating but otherwise it's not a bad rendition). But if that's not to your liking here's the tune set to clips from Pirates Of The Caribbean (which I found amusing since - well the plot of the movie fits the tune well - kinda. We all know pirates will break your heart lol).

The War On Guns has an interview up with Ryan Horsely. Horsely is the marketing director for Red's Trading Post, which is a gun store in Idaho that the ATFU is persecuting for paperwork violations. Here's a post by the War On Guns explaining the situation. Here's another one about an online petition asking for fair treatment for FFL holders. Course the only way FFL holders will actually be treated fairly is if we abolish the ATFU & most of the laws it enforces, but go read & sign the petition anyway please.

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