March 21, 2007

Over And Over

If I had enough time to do a decent post, I might use the title to reflect & gripe a little bit on the repetitive nature of continually arguing the same points (it's not like the concept of individual Rights have changed that much in the last - oh 200 years) with seemingly no effect or impact (let alone personal gain), but that might lead (again) to thoughts of turning in the keyboard (so to, type) & that might disappoint a reader whom I don't wish to disappoint (again). I think.

Luckily though I don't have enough time to do a decent post, so I'll point to A: Annika who has the visuals of one B.P. Bonpensiero being replaced in the seeming affections of a very attractive young lady by Cliff (of Cheers fame) & B: use that as an excuse to link to this Nelly vid (featuring Tim McGraw) so you can get it stuck so damn tightly in your freakin' head that hours of brick wall pounding won't dislodge it enjoy the catchy melody as well. (Actually the tune fits with Annika's post if you put yourself in Mr. Bonpensiero's place, & hearing Tim McGraw singing about "every time I close my eyes I lock it down" - well maybe it's just me but I found it amusing, like hearing Hank Jr. talking about keeping something on the Down Low...)

Oh, cute furry predator pic in the extended entry, just in case it really does make up for lack of meaningful content posts...

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