March 12, 2007

Random Dog Blogging

I'm still working on the Parker post. These 16 day work weeks don't really allow me time to explore my verbosity as I'd like. In the meantime I think more photos of mammals designed to elicit an emotionally favorable response are in order & since I'm an equal opportunity blogger...

Let me preface this by saying that while I'm more of a cat kinda guy I like canines. Hell I've came close to owning a few over the years (a Pointer, a Mastiff & for a while I was contemplating a Rhodesian Ridgeback). I had a cousin who (from before i was born until he passed) raised bird dogs for a living. Between watching my cousin train his dogs (mainly Pointers & Beagles) & hearing my grandfather's stories about his bird dog I still get choked up a bit when I see a pretty point being held.

So in light of that here's a vid (apparently silent) from the 1940's (presumed) showing some bird dogs being trained (it's long at 11 minutes - just so ya know). Here's a more recent (& shorter) one of a pretty dog holding a point over a downed bird. This one is of a point that broke & a chukar was flushed.

I can't presume that everyone who reads this shares my fondness for gun dogs in the field I'll include some way too cute puppy pics in the extended entry.

But since we're speaking of dogs there's a post over at Bitter's joint that's about guitar players. :)

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