February 12, 2007

We Understand Too

This article tells a lot more about Giuliani's view of the Right to arms than he might have thought.

"Rudy Giuliani addressed a potentially troublesome issue with conservative voters, saying his policies as mayor to get handguns off the street helped reduce crime in New York.
'I used gun control as mayor,' he said at a news conference Saturday during a swing through California. But 'I understand the Second Amendment. I understand the right to bear arms.'
He said what he did as mayor would have no effect on hunting."
(emphasis mine)

Didn't the GOP get that "The 2nd amendment is not about duck hunting" memo? If so why didn't that pass it on to little G?

Giuliani may understand the 2nd amendment & the Right to bear arms (key word - may; & I'm being generous for the sake of argument), but it doesn't look like he respects it. Unfortunately the other GOP frontrunners (McCain, Romney) don't look like they're much better than little G is. Or maybe little G knows he can't fool the real Right to arms crowd & is going after the Fuddite vote?

Note where he gave that speech though. It might have gone over well in Cali but I wonder about his receptionn in Tucson or Charlotte or Dallas or any other place inside America? I think the good folks in New Orleans wouldn't appreciate a yankee telling them about how he understand the Right to arms even though he used gun control as a mayor. They've been there & done that all too recently.

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