February 01, 2007

Denver Compost Opposes Self Defense Expansion

Say Uncle comments on a story in the Denver post that condemns the proposed expansion of the self defense laws here in Colorado. I'll try to do a more in depth treatment of the law & a proper fisking of the unsigned editorial at some point, but in the mean time go read Uncle's take on things. & when you read the article's claims that more protection for folks in cars & businesses is not needed I'd ask you to keep in mind what happened to a Denver bar owner by the name of Christou.

Posted by Publicola at February 1, 2007 05:57 PM | TrackBack

I have to agree with the article that more laws are not needed. There are very Effective non-Lethal ways to deal with CRIMS.

i own a business that supplies a wide variety of non-Lethal means for self-defense for everyone in the family.

I believ everyone should have a plan incase someone tries to make them or their family a victim of a crime. With the rise in crime Natiowide this is a must.

Tools required to back-up any plan can be found at the Javery Enterprises site. Not sure what you need? Just -mail me and I'd be more than happy to answer your questions or give you good solid advice. it doesn't have to be expensive to protect yorself.

Posted by: Alan at February 2, 2007 01:05 PM

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Posted by: Ralph Charlton at February 22, 2007 10:50 PM

The neighborhood was always between medium & high crime. In the early 80's cocaine replaced heroin as the drug of choice around there & things started to go to hell pretty quickly. It's because of growing up there that I always thought self defense was important & that mind altering substances weren't generally a cool thing. But before I start digressing too much I'll just say that a robbery in the old neighborhood doesn't surprise me. Neither does a robber getting shot.

But the man who defended his store may be prosecuted. I get into that in the extended entry.
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Posted by: Ralph Charlton at February 23, 2007 04:09 AM