January 25, 2007

A Pirate Looks At Four

I posted this at 3:00 a.m. MST on January 25th, 2007. I'm changing the date to keep it at the top for the day. Scroll down for new stuff.

Well aside from being the only title I could think of I figure 1 internet year equals 10 real life years. Besides, I always dug the tune for some reason (um, probably because it talks about being a pirate, smuggling, treasure, fishing, staying drunk for two weeks & going for younger women - ed.). Here's the Jimmy Buffet tune I paraphrased set to a cool animation type thing. & here are the lyrics.

Considering the auspiciousness of the occasion open the extended entry for a pic of yours truly as well as some thoughts about hitting the big 4.

As I type this I'm not reflecting on where I was 4 years back or what inspired me to start a blog. I'm not thinking about all the hassle of learning the html to almost make these digs look presentable. I'm not thinking of the feigned interest my ex showed when I'd ask her to check out the site. I'm not thinking of the women who've looked at the site then pointedly declined my invites to grab a bite. Nor am I thinking of the very few who've looked at it & still didn't mind being seen in public with me. I'm especially not dwelling on the one whom I thought liked me in part because of my writing but... I'm not thinking of the laws we've seen come & the few we've seen go. I'm not recalling all the arguments with friends & foes alike over matters big & small. I'm not dwelling on the trolls who've occasionally stopped by to start longish discussions in the comments. I'm not thinking of the links by the bigger bloggers or the annotation of something I penned by a prominent (& now deceased) attorney. I'm not thinking of the friends I've made through this site or the times some of them have helped me out (mainly by covering when I was on the road). I'm not thinking of giving it up just because I don't see any good it's doing in the outside world. It doesn't cross my mind that my primary motivation is that I'm a mental exhibitionist or that one day when the ATFU are trying to surround me someone will point to this site & say "he tried it peaceful-like...". I'm not firing synapses over things I've been through or watched others go through that have crept into this blog. I'm not thinking of the hours I've spent at the keyboard with my less than orthodox typing style trying to find the right combination of keys to express what I can't seem to say (or to at least minimize typos). It doesn't pass through my mind at all the times when I've been around people who talked about my site but I couldn't say anything about it because I'm psuedononymous. Or if I altered anyone's views for the better or worse through my scribbling. Or if the people I miss keep up with me through here, or if I'll ever be able to sit down with a reader & have a drink or twelve whilst discussing some bit of prose or legislation or musician or feline. I especially don't wonder if 100 or 500 years from now someone will stumble onto these musing & find something of substance to help them be a little more free than they were when they found it.

I can't think about any of that stuff because I'm only 4 years old & 4 year olds don't think to that level of complexity.

What I am thinking about is being a pirate; manning my own sailboat as I dreamed of when I was 4. Or being a cowboy, riding over the crest of a Carolina hill wondering where that little doggie went. Or maybe being G.I. Joe trying to hold the machine gun against vastly superior numbers of anonymous bad guys. Or being a knight on an almost shiny nearly white horse. Or being a musician playing in front of thousands of people. Or falling in love with a beautiful girl & knowing she felt the same cause I was her hero (I wasn't a typical 4 year old). Or holding my big game rifle in my hand while I was on safari. Or running inside cause I was getting cold & I knew my grandmother would have the pork chops ready by now & my grandfather would want an update on what I was today. Being 4 was cool.

I'm 4 again as of today but somehow it seems different.

If anything else comes to mind I might update this post. Otherwise any tips, suggestions, bitches, gripes, complaints, demands for a refund of the cover charge, etc. should be directed toward the blue text that says "Comments". Or send an e-mail to publicola_mu AT yahoo Dot com.

I'm on the right. & I am 4 years old in the pic (well maybe 5; I can't recall exactly. & the chic on the left is my little sis.) But I'm not blonde anymore; I studied :)

Posted by Publicola at January 25, 2007 11:59 PM | TrackBack

Happy blogiversary. I think this makes this blog 28 years old in internet years.

Posted by: Kevin Baker at January 25, 2007 08:17 AM

And many happy returns.

And wow. I don't think I'm quite so recognizable in a pic of me as a 4 year-old.

Posted by: jed at January 25, 2007 09:02 PM