January 24, 2007

What It Is

Mark Knopfler. Here's the vid. & here are the lyrics.

Dave Kopel has a post up called Presidential Candidates on the Second Amendment. It's just what you'd expect; a break down of the respective candidates views on the 2nd amendment. To simplify things Kim du Toit has, well simplified things.

Things aren't looking that great unless a surprise happens in the Republican primary (that surprise being named Paul or Brownback or Gilmore). The other potential for something good (or at least not horrible) is if Richardson somehow wins the Democrat primary.

Ayup; looks like I'll be voting third party in '08 again (if I vote at all). & I don't think I'll be the only one.

Posted by Publicola at January 24, 2007 03:26 PM | TrackBack

I loves me some Knopfler. Saw him two summers ago at Red Rocks: excellent.

I agree that Paul would be a welcome surprise, but Brownback??? Maybe he's good on guns, but otherwise... ugh. Personally, I'm pulling for Richardson, who seems to be the best of a bad lot (although I'll still probably vote for whoever the Libertarians put up). I think Richardson's got a better shot at winning than most people realize too.

Posted by: Cutter at January 24, 2007 05:08 PM

Never saw him live. Had a pal way back who really turned me onto his stuff. My pal used to play a lot of his tunes at his gigs & when I'd sit in he'd force feed me Knopfler (as well as Prine & Morrison, etc..). Not sure where he got his style from but partially my hybrid finger-pickin'/using-a-pick style comes from him (& the classical stuff I was doing in college, the old style blues I grew up on & the attempts to keep quiet practicing on a tour bus, etc..). Knopfler is fun as hell to play; makes me almost wish I was a guitarist again.

I know; brownback ain't my first choice overall but he's way more pro-gun that giuliani or mccain. & since this is at least on the surface a gun blog...

But yeah, I'll probably end up dropping the lever for a Libertarian or a Constituion Pary candidate if I can find the motivation to hit the booth at all that day. It just doesn't look good for pro-gun candidates which is a shame cause there are a few of them.

& Richardson - I dunno. Between hillary & Obama I don't think the press will even realize he's alive. & w/o the press he doesn't have much of a shot in the primary. I do hope I'm wrong though.

Posted by: Publicola at January 25, 2007 06:14 AM
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