January 14, 2007

Stop Staring At My Decisis

Wayne Fincher has been convicted of unlawfully possessing machine guns & a short barreled shotgun. The War On Guns has the details here, here, & here. I can't say I'm too surprised - not that I agree with the decision but precedent was against Mr. Fincher & he was not allowed to make certain constitutional arguments to the jury. As usual The Smallest Minority does a good job of explaining some of the legal particulars involved in this case. Go read. I assume it'll take some time for the appeal to be heard (assuming there will be an appeal) & I'm pretty sure the sentence he receives will be for a number of years. Until an appeals court rules in his favor or he serves the term of his sentence then another person who committed no violent confrontational crime will be held against his will.

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Constitutionality can not be addressed at this level. The case needs to be appealed for it go up higher where that issue can be addressed.

Posted by: Phillep at January 19, 2007 09:36 AM
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