December 31, 2006

Beware The Carbines Of March

Kevin beat me to it. The CMP has announced they have a "significant quantity" of M1 Carbines. They'll have "some" ready for sale by or before March. No word on prices or quantity limits yet. I did some looking over at the CMP Sales Program Forum & couldn't find anything but speculation.

Just so you know the CMP is currently sold out of 1917 Enfields & they don't expect to have any until 2008 at the earliest. They still have some 1903 Springfields & 1903A3 Springfields but they're getting pricey as the quantity runs low. After this batch runs out they don't expect to have any quantity of 1903's to sell until 2009 or later

As far as CMP Garands go - they have some Field Grade & Rack Grade Garands left as well as Stripped Barreled Receivers & Stripped Receivers. That's it. They're out of everything else & it seems they're running low on the Field Grades they do have.

so if you want a 1903 Springfield, 1903A3 Springfield or M1 Garand now would be the time to act. If you want an M1 Carbine then look sharp as they'll run out very quickly once they announce they're for sale. If you want a 1917 Enfield then hope they have some in by 2008. & if you wish to express your appreciation for this update I'll gladly take any one of those long guns as a token of your gratitude. (hey - never hurts to try does it?)

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