December 29, 2006

Wayne Fincher

The War On Guns has a letter posted from Wayne Fincher. There's also a link to some background on Mr. Fincher. & here's Kim du Toit's post on Mr. Fincher's situation. the gist is that Mr. Fincher is fighting the prohibition on automatic weapons sans tax stamp/government approval. Unfortunately about the only way to fight it through the legal channels is to get arrested & go to trial. Mr. Fincher is putting his freedom on the line over a matter of principle & we should all remember his efforts whether they're succesful or not.

They should be succesful as the controlling Supreme Court case (u.S. v Miller) seems to come down on the side of Mr. Fincher. Course the lower courts have been ignoring that for decades & SCOTUS has obliged them by ducking the issue since Miller was first heard in 1939. But here's to hoping - not just for Mr. Fincher, but for all of us.

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