December 29, 2006

They Don't Make Them Like They Used To

That'd be applicable to criminals & toy guns alike.

"Customers at a Topeka convenience store were suspicious all along about the gun a would-be robber was waving around.
But when the man struck a clerk and the weapon shattered, those suspicions were confirmed.
It turns out the gun was a toy."

Now look, I'm not on the "pending aps" list at NASA or anything but even I know when turning to a life of crime & using a toy gun to commit said transgression that I A: should make sure it's a die-cast cap gun if I plan to go up somebody's head B: should not try to pistol whip anyone with it if it's not C: try not to let the folks I'm robbing see it clearly enough to know it's not real then prove it by breaking it in front of them.

So be on the look-out for a guy with no coat & a poor taste in toys.

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