December 28, 2006

Diggin On You

A cool little TLC tune. Here's the vid.

The forecast is full of good news if you like digging.

"Today's forecast is about as clear as it gets: snow.
The National Weather Service is expecting 10 to 18 inches in Denver, the plains and the foothills by daybreak Friday. 'Another winter storm to slam the Front Range of Colorado,' read a winter-storm warning issued by the weather service Wednesday night.
Friday and Saturday remained a wild card - the storm could linger and pile up an additional foot in areas, or it could spin out over the Eastern Plains, meteorologists said.
Snow will begin at midday today and will fall heavily at times, possibly hitting rush hour, said Jim Kalinas, a forecaster with the National Weather Service. "

Ayup. The forecast would also include heavy blogging by most of the Colorado crew. Lord willing & the ISP's don't crash that is.

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