December 27, 2006

Well I'll Be...

Reader DM clued me in to this (I knew I should check my mail this week for some reason). NPR did a segment on the .30-06 on account of its centennial. It's actually not a half bad piece especially considering the source. They even have a fellow shooting a 1903 Springfield as part of the story. They talk of Mausers in the Spanish-American War, Roosevelt's admiration for the Springfield & '06 (& I mean the good Roosevelt) & the trade off between recoil & power among other things you’d never expect to hear on NPR (on purpose). Here's the link to the All Things Considered page which has a brief written summary & a link to an audio file of the segment on the .30-06 Springfield cartridge. It's only 4 minutes long & worth it. & don't bother to keep double checking the site like I did - it's that NPR.

Also the reporter is Elsa Heidorn (scroll down) who lives in Wyoming (makes a little more sense doesn’t it?) & I believe is the proprietor of this blog (which appears to be static).

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