December 25, 2006

A Switch Of Barrels

Merkel has a new bolt action rifle on the market. Here's Craig Boddington's review of the Merkel KR-1. It has quite a few nifty features but the most noticable is it's a switch barrel rifle. It takes only a few minutes to go from a barrel in say .270 winchester to .30-06 Springfield. It takes a few more minutes (& a few more parts) to go to .243 Winchester or .300 Winchester Magnum. It's a bit pricey though:

"All barrels are fitted with open sights, with additional barrels priced at $795. The basic rifle, in Premium grade with one barrel and the SAM scope mount, is $2,495 in standard calibers and $2,695 in magnums."

But considering what one of their smooth bores or double rifles go for it's relatively cheap. Remember, if you find a Merkel underneath your tree then either your partner cares for you very much or Santa took pity on you cause you must not have had any fun for the last decade or so.

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