December 16, 2006

Just Like A Pill Again

I know I've already pointed out the tune once but it seemed so fitting here. Besides it is a solid little rock tune (& no; even I can't use that same lame-as-hell joke again. For now at least). But the relevant part is in the chorus:

"...And I swear youre just like a pill
Instead of makin me better, you keep makin me ill
You keep makin me ill"

Here's the vid.

Breast Cancer Drop Tied To Hormones

"The millions of women who quit taking menopause hormones after a big federal study found that the pills raised the risk of breast cancer now have more reason to be glad they stopped.
A new analysis reveals that U.S. breast cancer rates plunged more than 7 percent in 2003 and strongly suggests that the reason is less hormone use."

That is interesting. I would suggest if you or someone you care for is currently using hormonal therapy to consult with a doc about the risks. But read the whole article as it has much more info than what I've presented here.

Update: (12-16-06 17:20)

In a related vein:

Low-fat diets may help some dodge cancer

"The first experiment ever to show that low-fat diets could help prevent a return of breast cancer now reveals, with longer follow-up, that the benefit was almost exclusively to women whose tumor growth was not driven by hormones."

Again read the whole thing.

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