December 14, 2006

Blue Jean Blues

ZZ Top. I try to stay away from the "classic rock" bands because I presume most folks who come here are very familiar with that genre. But this is much more of a blues tune than a rock tune (yet again, not that kind of rock) plus it's always been one of my favs. 3 chords, 2 verses - what's not to like? :P Here's a vid & I'll skip giving you the lyrics this time. He sings both verses pretty clearly anyway. But the song is about a man happy about seeing his blue jeans (If you're wondering how a guy could get so happy seeing a pair of blue jeans here's a visual demonstration - safe for work but - well just damn). His ex is wearing them & he hopes when he gets them back she'll be part of the package.

This post is about a gene you don't want no matter who is attached to it.

"A gene that helps cells keep their shape also causes pancreatic cancer when mutated and it might provide clues to what causes the lethal disease and how it spreads so fast, researchers said on Monday."

About 95% of folks who are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer will die within the first year according to the article. It's the 4th leading cause of cancer related death in the u.S. (again according to the article) & will be found in around 32,000 folks this year. They're hoping to use this newly found genetic info to develop a blood screening test. From there I'd think they might work on some way to reverse the mutation of the gene which is the actual cause of the cancer, but that's a very long ways off. Still it's cool that they're starting to figure some of the workings of the disease out. Because it's so aggresive the earlier they can diagnose the better.

Here's some more info on pancreatic cancer.

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Hey man anything with Billie Gibbons playing nis worth mentioning.

Posted by: Chris Byrne at December 15, 2006 12:08 PM
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