December 11, 2006

Harder To Breathe

Maroon 5. It's another solid little rock tune (but again not that kind of rock). As far as I can tell it's about a romance that's going through some trouble but honestly I'm not sure if the guy has given up & is just taunting his ex or if he's saying there's still a chance in a kinda harsh way (in fact the song has gotten some static because of its misogynistic tone). Possibly both; in songs as well in real life sometimes there are mixed signals being tossed about. Either way it's got a nice groove to it, but there's some profanity so cranking it up at the office might not be a great idea. Here's the vid. & here are the lyrics.

& speaking of difficulty breathing The Anarchangel has an interesting & detailed post about what he can & cannot do by law to alleviate his upper respiratory infection. The War on (some) Drugs seems to be hitting a lot of bystanders, & last I heard Drugs were still winning. Didn't somebody recently mention that government based intervention in healthcare might bring about less than cool results? :)

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