December 09, 2006

Guide My Sword

It's a Mark Knopfler tune which can be found on the album Screenplaying (which is a compilation of some of his work from films as of 1993). But you might recall it from the movie The Princess Bride which Knopfler wrote the piece for. It is played in the scene where Inigo Montoya asks his father's help so they can find the Pit of Despair & rescue Westley. It's a thoughtful little piece that fits well in the movie. It also lacks any significant guitar work which considering the composer is a shame. Knopfler has always been one of my favorite pickers & for good reason. He's not as flashy as some of my other favs but he has a style that sets him apart from the rest of the pack. Plus he phrases well which is something I always look for. Playing fast &/or complicated lines means nothing if they don't capture the listener's ear. Despite the lack of a six string I think you'll enjoy the melody Knopfler puts forth, & the feeling that is carried by it. But alas I couldn't find any recording or vids of this piece on line so you'll have to forage for it yourself.

Via Of Arms & the Law comes this story of a sword being used to repel a home invader. The defending home owner severed the intruder's finger & it was a decent enough sample to be used to get a fingerprint from. The previous owner of said digit had just been released in 2005 from an 8 year sentence for - now this'll be a shock - home invasion style burglaries. He's still on the loose so if you're in Memphis be on the lookout for a man missing part of his trigger finger.

Posted by Publicola at December 9, 2006 11:09 AM | TrackBack

I love Knopfler; be it in dire straits, or in his soundtrack work. I don't think he gets enough credit.

Oh and "The Princess Bride" is my favorite movie of all time.

Posted by: Chris Byrne at December 10, 2006 03:49 PM