September 19, 2006

A Pirate Looks At Forty

Argghhh. Avast ye swabs & be beholden to the bard James of Buffet who penned the tune that this blasted post be titled after. It be a sweet enough tune to make an old salt add some of his own drips to the ocean. Argghhh.

Here be a page from the book of Wikipedia about pirates so you land lubbin' scallywags can study up on 'em. Argghh.

Argghhh. Me like's the sound of it rolling off me tongue for some strange noggin' o' rum filled reason. So do these maties.

In case ye be wondering it be International Talk Like A Pirate Day (not to be confused with Talk Like A Parrot day). & in case ye be needin' some help waggin' yer tongue here's another page for ye. Here be one that'll help you with the lasses (& a tip o' me feathered brim to the lovely & deadly miss Anachronista fer pointing that out to me a spell aft).

Just so ya know it be not a joking matter, here be some of my previous pages about those seafaring scoundrels flyin' under the black flag.

Bloody Pirates

Bloody Pirates Again

More On Those Bloody Pirates

& let us hope that this is the kind of forty that the real pirates get to gaze their beedy eyes upon.


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