May 02, 2006

Too Many Marx

I trust everyone made it through the May Day protests alright? I didn't make it into Denver proper. Something about their doggie genocide & wanting to put me in jail because my magazine has too many cartridges makes me quite content to avoid that festering parking-ticket-waiting-to-happen whenever I can. But from what I gather the protests which most people thought were about immigration (legal & illegal) were headed by some Marxist leaning groups. For more see here & here.

Another troubling thing I saw was the story about the "populist" president of Bolivia nationalizing natural gas there.

"Populist" perhaps. But a better definition of what Morales is would be Marxist or more concisely Socialist. Lest you think I'm just flinging dirty names around (yes: I consider "socialist" & "Marxist" to be less than polite labels) I should point out that Morales is head of the Movement For Socialism.

Now here's how the story chose to label Morales. & note the company they lump him in with:

"The bold stroke solidifies Morales' role along with Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and Cuba's Fidel Castro in Latin America's new axis of populist leaders opposed to U.S. and corporate influence in the region."

"Populist"? C'mon already. The article is about nationalizing the natural gad production of a country & mentions Castro & Chavez. Why the hell wasn't "Marxist" or "Socialist" used once in the friggin’ piece?

Again this is from the above linked Wikipedia page on Morales, just to show that his views on political economics are not being mischaracterized:

"The worst enemy of humanity is capitalism. That is what provokes uprisings like our own, a rebellion against a system, against a neoliberal model, which is the representation of a savage capitalism. If the entire world doesn't acknowledge this reality, that the national states are not providing even minimally for health, education and nourishment, then each day the most fundamental human rights are being violated."

If it looks like a Marxist, sounds like a Marxist & screws up the economy like a Marxist then it must be a - populist? & they wonder why we don't even bother getting dressed before we read them.

"Morales added that the nationalization of the hydrocarbons sector 'was just the beginning, because tomorrow it will be the mines, the forest resources and the land."

Good news never ceases does it? Nothing like knowing that certain materials will cost more in a few months because some asshat with delusions of knowing-what-the-hell-he's-doing decided to play economic God. Morales (& everyone who thinks he has some good ideas) really should go back to school.

Old Skool at Stop the Bleating mentioned possible trouble with Morales & his pals a few days ago. I have no idea how nasty this could get but things have been looking better for all concerned.

I really, really hate Marxism.

Let us not forget the fruits of Marx (found via Stop the Bleating).

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