February 10, 2006

Kansas Carry

The Kansas Senate yesterday passed SB 418, the Personal And Family Protection Act, by a 29-11 margin. The bill now moves on to the House for consideration. The bill passed out of committee with a "do-pass" recommendation by a 6-3 margin and was read onto the floor and passed on the same day.

Nothing new here. We've taken this ground before. The significant things now are whether or not the measure passes in the House by a veto-proof margin, and whether or not the Senators and Representatives (assuming the lower chamber's members do pass the bill with a two thirds majority) stick to their earlier votes after the Governor vetoes it.

For veto it she will -- given a simple political calculation. She's temporizing at the moment, saying she'll reserve judgement on the issue until the bill reaches its final form and comes to her desk. That's not the real rationale, of course. What she'll be weighing is the political cost of a veto of this measure. It's an election year here in Kansas, and the Governor's got to determine whether or not such an action, patently unpopular with a majority of Kansas citizens, would be enough to tip the electorate back toward their natural inclinations and select a more conservative alternative.

As Drudge says:

Developing . . .


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