January 22, 2006

CMP News

If you've been to the CMP website or visited the CMP Forum then this will probably be old news to you.

Service Grade Garands are going for $700 & up now except for the Greek Springfield Armory Garands which are going for $500, but those have a 60 to 90 day delivery time. (Update: U.S.G.I. & Danish Garands are Sold Out in this grade as of January 27th. see this post)

Field Grade Garands still represent the best bargain (IMHO) at $395 but the USGI Springfield Armory Garands are back ordered from 90 to 120 days.

1903 Springfields are still going for $400 but they're sold out of 1903A3 Springfields.

1917 Enfields are still available but only in Poor Grade ($250) & as a Stripped Barreled Receiver ($50). I hate to see the supplies dwindle as I always considered the '17 Enfield to be the finest bolt action combat rifle ever made (though opinions will vary).

Also the CMP will be selling M1 Carbines later this year. But hold your hats - they'll only be available as stripped barreled receivers. You'll get a barrel of undetermined condition & a receiver. That's it. No other parts. There should be around 2,400 of them in the warehouse right now, but no idea how many will be in good enough condition to sell. Personally I wouldn't count on a nice barrel but you might get one that's usable for a few thousand rounds. Still it might be a good way to get started building up your own M1 Carbine. Well if you can get one that is. I expect they'll sell out rather quickly.

That is all.

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