December 23, 2005

This Can't Be Right

David Hardy of the excellent Of Arms and the Law blog has just posted that USA 3000 Airlines has initiated a blanket policy that bans all firearms on any of their flights even as checked baggage in legally mandated hard-sided, locked cases.

Is this some sort of joke? David says no, and that he's already confirmed it.

I sent an Email myself a few minutes ago and am waiting for a reply. I'll let you know what they say, but it looks like it's going to be time for a boycott.

Click on over to David's original post to get contact info for the airline.

I just received an Email from the airline. It's reproduced below in it's entirety.

"Thanks you for contacting USA3000 Airlines. You comments we will take under advisement, however at present please be advised our airlines has the right to make certain restrictions. Please be advised passengers can not bring on board firearms and/or ammunition unless otherwise authorized. (i.e Air Marshall or associated with a government agency whom personell is on duty 24hrs/7 days).

Ron London
USA3000 Airlines
Customer Relations

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