August 31, 2005

Gun Control Reasoning

Gun control is being able to say that an armed 72 year old is morally inferior to the man who was killed in the process of stabbing his ex-wife. It's being able to say that a woman who will likely be killed has no more right to live than the man attacking her with a knife. Gun control makes it possible to equate stopping a murder with vigilantism. It also allows you to argue that the justifiable use of a firearm in defense of someone who is being attacked with deadly force is a reason to make it harder for folks to have firearms.

Don't believe me? Then let The Smallest Minority show you how irrational some anti-gunners can be.

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When I read that article this morning, I was bothered by the line, "it will be up to the district attorney to decide whether Moore, a volunteer with the police department's cold case unit, will be prosecuted." Technically true, but when he shot a guy who had already stabbed and was in the process of repeatedly stabbing his ex-wife, the outcome of that particular deicsion should be a foregone conclusion. It struck me that reporting in this way -- as though there was something legally questionable about what Moore did -- might mislead some people into thinking exactly that. Little did I know . . .

Posted by: Matt at August 31, 2005 03:24 PM
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