June 05, 2005

Forest Service Shuts Down Range in Boulder County

Michael Bane reports:

...the antigun activists from the U.S. Forest Service posted the range I shoot at in Booulder County this week.

The area has been a shooting range for more than a decade, with no complaints. The range area was closed, as usual, with no input from the shooting community, with none of the studies that the USFS so loves in virtually any other situation, essentially on the authority of one antigun ranger.

Sigh...another battle in the unending war. God, I hate these scumbags!

Tomorrow we'll be talking to the Colorado State Shooting Association, Senator Wayne Allard's office, the Congressional Sportsmens Foundation, the various and sundry heads of the U.S. Forest Service, the NRA, the National Association of Shooting Ranges, as well as figuring out what our legal recourse is.

I'll post full info as I get it, and I ask the Colorado blogging community to make sure it gets widespread treatment.

Got that folks? C'mon, all you Coloradans, let's get the word out!

I posted a comment at Michael's place asking for the designation of the range he's referring to. I'll update this post when he has more info.

Posted by Jed at June 5, 2005 09:56 PM

When they make a movie of John Ross's Unintended Consequences" wonder who is going to play this anti-gun forest ranger?

Posted by: robert at June 6, 2005 12:52 PM
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