May 05, 2005

Ig'nent: See Colorado Legislature

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners has the scoop. They also have a list of allegedly pro-hunting groups that support the increase in hunting fees. Here's the .pdf of the bill.

Fishing licenses would jump from $15 to $25. Small Game increases from $10 to $20. Combination fishing & small game goes to $40. It says it's currently $20 but I could have sworn it was $30 (reading down I see where it was increased to $30 a few years back by amendment). Deer goes from $20 up to $30. Elk from $30 to $45. Mountain goat from $150 to $250. You get the idea. Add $10 if you plan to hunt or fish on any state land.

Oh, they've also created a committee, put a plan in place for contracting the design of the Colorado Wildlife Habitat Stamp & replaced a section that allows for voluntary contributions with a mandatory surcharge.

If Colorado does this I can't say I'd be happy. But to tell you the truth I'm thinking hard about Wyoming anyway. Seems the heathen statists in the Colorado legislature are hashing out a deal to ban smoking in restaurants & bars across the state. If that passes I'm out of here. If the hunting fee increase happens then I'm out of here a little sooner than I was thinking about.

Colorado is currently in the hands of the Dems. It seems that they're of the California Dem variety which means nothing good for individualists like me. Some people recommend staying & fighting & I'd generally agree. But my life is finite & I have no deep roots here (other than been enchanted with the scenery). I'd much rather live out my days in a place where the hunting wasn't cost prohibitive, the bars weren't filled with people too timid to endure a little smoke & the government wasn't bent on wealth redistribution derivitive programs. In other words I'm feeling too old for this BS & when they screw with my money I'm gone.

So anyone know anything about Cheyenne? I'd like to beat the rush.

Posted by Publicola at May 5, 2005 07:59 AM

Cheyenne is a fine little town. Grown quite a bit since I live 'round those parts in the early 1990's. Back then you could still buy guns as the MALL if'n you can belive it. I still dearly love my old Ft. Collins stomping grounds, but you are correct.. Colorado is WELL on its way to being California lite. If I suddenly came into a pile of cash, I'd find myself a nice little spread close, but not too close to Cheyenne or perhaps Larime, and spend my days shooting cannons and whatnot.

Larry in Rochester, MN

Posted by: Corsair09 at May 5, 2005 10:55 AM

I don't know about Wyoming - I think it sounds pretty good though. I am a native of Colorado and have lived in Philly now for 17 years. I missed CO at first but now when I visit I realize it's lost. Too many California transplants and probably East Coast transplants, too.

It's not the same Colorado I grew up in - that's for sure. To prefer Philly is really saying something. To get a permit to carry here is nothing really yet my relatives in CO can't get a permit to save their lives. Somethings all upside down - I swear.

Posted by: Monica-Philadelphia at May 5, 2005 11:24 PM

"Seems the heathen statists in the Colorado legislature are hashing out a deal to ban smoking in restaurants & bars across the state. If that passes I'm out of here."

I would REALLY like to tell you "Come to Oregon!", but in all honesty I can't say it is any simpler.

My current residence in Corvallis has already outlawed smoking indoors just about ANYWHERE except for your private residence, and I expect they'll make me a criminal-by-fiat in that area within a few years.

Oregon is contemplating more laws making it illegal to smoke inside any place of business. It's already illegal to smoke in a public building; has been for years, as is true in most states.

Within the next year, it will be illegal to smoke in parks. PARKS! Public beaches, too.

I understand that people find tobacco smoke obnoxious, and they're becoming militant about 'second hand smoke' anywhere.

But this is just one more example of the many ways in which the legislatures (local, state, and federal levels) are making criminals of honest citizens.

I suppose I sound naive. Politicians have to pass laws, if only to prove that they're doing something after they're elected.

We could do with a lot less laws, and fewer politicians. Next thing you know, it will be illegal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet, drive a car without a seat belt, and many more examples of nanny-statism.

Oh. These things are already laws, aren't they?

The defense rests.

Posted by: Jerry the Geek at May 5, 2005 11:55 PM

I'm moving there. Housing prices seem to be about where Colo's were four years ago. And climbing. Some Colorado-style construction (BEEG houses, small lots) going on North of town. But the population seems to be dominantly servicemen and cowboys, and the Gart's in the mall still sells guns.

Bring your Colorado CCW permit and they'll waive the 6-month residency wait for the Wyoming permit and you'll spend $50 or so less.

If there's a state where likeable libertarians will stand firm and shout "Stop!" it will be Wyoming or Montana.

Posted by: Fûz at May 6, 2005 09:16 PM
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