April 24, 2005

Big "L's" & Little "L's"

Reading Walter In Denver I'm occassionally surprised. He's a golfer but I try to not hold that against him. He's also a Libertarian that lives in Denver (hence the catchy title). He has two fairly new youngin's to take care of & all this adds up to having not much time to invest in blogging. Yet not only does he post, but he apparently can still scoop us gun bloggers. That link points to this link which is an account from Ari Armstrong of his debate with professional grieving father/criminal superiority through victim disarmament advocate Tom Mauser. He also answers Mauser's open letter to the NRA. Ari is an interesting fellow which you should spend some time getting to know (through his writing of course). He's a libertarian (note the little "L") who used to be a Libertarian (note the big "L") & he explains the change in an article that every feedom loving person should read. He also has a series up that discusses some of the problems with the Libertarian Party of Colorado.

Ari runs The Colorado Freedom Report & has a few interesting articles ont he subject of Arms. In particular he chastises both Ted Nugent & local criminal empowerment advocate (through victim disarmament) Jim Spencer. In another one he points out how the VPC is bigoted against gun owners.

But go & read The Colorado Freedom Report for yourself. & stop by Walter In Denver when you can. I think you'll find both enjoyable.

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