April 18, 2005


The War On Guns has a post up that I don't find surprising, yet am saddened by.

Some of you may have heard that NRA president-elect Sandra Froman said something about having armed teachers as a solution to school shootings. A week later NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre backtracked for her, which was followed by her backtracking herself.

Every damn time I thinkt he NRA might be changing from an org primarily concerned with its own well being & that of the industry it represents they screw around & do something ig'nent.

Of course teachers & administrators & parents & even certain students (primarily those over a certain age) should not be discouraged from carrying arms. Hell, they should be encouraged. Even on school property. Especially on school property if you're concerned about mass shootings or terrorists acts similar to the one that happened in Russia not too long ago.

But the NRA decided that growing a spine hurts, so they amputated it before it could grow to size & stiffen. Let me make this clear - any law that bans possession of arms to citizens with no harmful intent on any non-private property is in direct conflict with the 2nd Article of the Bill of Rights. By supporting such laws not only is the NRA re-affirming its support of gun control but it's re-affirming its support of unconstitional laws.

I've learned though. Long ago I realized that any time the NRA seems to say something I agree with it's subject to change. I'm not an NRA member, even though it'd be advantageous (as some gun clubs won't let you join unless you're NRA & it doesn't help things with the High Power matches I like to shoot in). I just can't bring myself to join them when they backtrack on things they get right. Yes, they're great at teaching gun safety (though not perfect) & they're great for organized shooting sports. But as far as politics go I don't believe they're on our side. (Not that they'r e in bed with the VPC - just that they do us more harm than good on many occassions.)

Go read The War On Guns post & click the links. Then if you're NRA call your rep & express any displeasure you feel of the most current backpedal. But hurry before this becomes the second most current backpedal.

Posted by Publicola at April 18, 2005 04:07 PM

The NRA let Ted on stage with "assault weapons"! All is forgiven/forgotten. What a wonderful organization to belong to... yawn.

Can we moveon to the next school shooting please?

Posted by: FishOrMan at April 20, 2005 12:13 AM
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