April 05, 2005

A Bash Of Bloggers

Last Saturday was The Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash 4.0. I was there, or at least someone who claimed to be me. Libercontrarian, Freedomsight, Wadcutter, Resurrection Song, Brain Fertilizer, A Bellandean, Colorado Conservative, Avoiding the Tar Baby & Little Red Blog have accounts of the festivities. I'm ashamed to admit I was ignorant that one of the bloggers who attened is a fellow Munuvian & another is a fellow North Carolinian. Many drinks would have been shared had this come to my attention.

But it was good to see some familiar faces such as Jed's from FreedomSight, Zombyboy from Resurrection Song, Stephen Green from Vodkapundit, Matt (& his lovely, video game approving wife) of Roverpundit (which is on hiatus), Chuck of Pueblog & Walter from Walter in Denver. Wadcutter & Libercontrarian were new faces but I'd been reading them enough to look forward to meeting them.

Odd though; when you run a gun blog it seems that most people want to talk guns with you, except for other gun bloggers which want to discuss knives & smoking bans.

There were many folks there that I didn't get a chance to chat with & that's to my regret as they seem like fine bloggers. & speaking of fine I'd be remiss if I didn't express at least one more time to the lovely & talented Katherine who tended the bar for us as well as Zombyboy of Resurrection Song & Andy of The World Wide Rant for throwing this thing together.

There are tentative plans for a Rocky Mountain Blogger Range Trip. If & when that comes together I'll let ya'll know how it went.

Posted by Publicola at April 5, 2005 03:39 PM
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