March 22, 2005

NRA Leaves Montana Hanging

The War On Guns has a post about this article. Seems an NRA staffer decided that withholding support for some pro-gun bills was the proper thing to do.

"Montana's NRA Director, Jay Printz said, 'I've been in Iraq for a year, and I'm surprised to return and learn that the NRA is not supporting pro-gun legislation here. I want to know why."

We all do. Hopefully Mr. Printz will get some answers & act on them. But I'm surprised at his being surprised. The NRA has a history of either supporting gun control or not supporting pro gun bills or lawsuits.

"Curtis Oda, (recently elected Utah House of Representatives) noted, 'The conduct of Randy Kozuch is not in the best interest of the efforts of law abiding gun owners nor the NRA. His actions have the same effect as sabotage -- no different result than if he were a plant by the anti-gunners."

Ayup. Codrea of The War On Guns points out that this kind of thing has happened recently in Pennsylvania. I've pointed out that it happened here in Colorado last year. Hell I've got a whole category devoted to the NRA cause of treachery such as this (also look up the one from my blogspot blog). There's a reason I didn't include them in the one called Pro-Gun Organizations & it has nothing to do with my opinion of the NRA's organizing skills..There's even an entire website devoted to calling BS on the NRA from a pro-gun perspective.

& it looks like I'll keep adding to that category (& refusing to join them) as long as they keep pulling stunts like this.

Posted by Publicola at March 22, 2005 03:18 PM
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