August 05, 2004

An Ohio CCW Holder Is Dead

This thread at The High Road points to this news release from Ohioans For Concealed Carry.

Bill Singleton is dead. He was an Ohio CCW holder who had his name published a few times in the last few weeks. One instance was in telling of his death; prior to that it was as part of a list of Ohio CCW holders.

Mr. Singleton was the victim of a robbery attempt. Three men approached him & one of them fired a shot into his chest. Mr. Singleton fired back & killed one of his murderers with a shot to the head. The remaining two got away.

Did Mr. Singleton's name being published in the list of CCW holders contribute to his death? Maybe. Maybe not.

It's entirely possible that he was just the victim of a few thugs who never bothered to read the Cleveland Plain Dealer. This kind if thing happens & it could be merely a coincidence. Then again the thugs could have read the paper's listing of CCW holders & decided to shoot then rob in Mr. Singleton's case. We just don't have enough information to know for certain. & unless the two thugs are caught & confess it's doubtful that we ever will.

What is certain is that the Cleveland Plain Dealer & other papers that publish lists of CCW holders are not only trying to use questionable means to discourage people from getting CCW permits, but there's the real possibility that they're putting CCW holders at risk.

I see no public benefit from publishing the names of gun owners or those who carry guns. I do see the possibility that such lists could be used by criminals to cause harm to those listed. For the Cleveland Plain Dealer or any other paper to publish such lists when the risks far outweigh the benefits is a clear demonstration of their lack of concern for the public they claim to champion.

Here's my previous post on the Cleveland Plain Dealer & their decision to publish Ohio CCW holder names. In it you'll find contact information for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Call them & ask they put an end to this irresponsible practice of publishing CCW permit holders' names. Follow the link to No Quarters post & call those who advertise in the Cleveland Plain Dealer & ask them to stop spending their advertising dollars with any paper who risks gun owners’ lives for their political agendas.

Mr. Singleton may have not been saved by his CCW permit, or by his decision to carry a weapon legally or illegally, but because he did choose to take responsibility for his own defense at least one of his attackers will never harm anyone else again. My sincere condolensces to his family for their loss, & many thanks to Mr. Singleton for having the ability, determination & the means to take one of the bastards with him.

Posted by Publicola at August 5, 2004 06:03 AM

Good post.


Posted by: James R. Rummel at August 5, 2004 06:32 AM

"at least one of his attackers will never harm anyone else again"

That is why people carry. Not to kill, but to protect themselves and others from harm.

Posted by: gunner at August 5, 2004 06:28 PM
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