June 11, 2004

Naming Names in Ohio

Two Ohio newspapers felt they should publish the information of concealed carry permit holders. After all, it is a matter of public record. So I'm sure they won't mind if I publish their info.

The Warren Tribune Chronicle published the names & birthdates of the CCW permit holders. The Elyria Chronicle-Telegram published the names & ages of CCW permit holders. Both papers did so in their print editions. Neither published the info on their web sites.

Open up the extended entry to view the info of the newspaper staff directly (& indirectly) responsible. It will be updated as new info becomes available.

Warren Tribune Chronicle
Lisa M Solley (managing editor)
Date of Birth 04/16/1965
Resides in Youngstown, OH
Work# (330) 841-1600 ext. 733
e-mail: lsolley@tribune-chronicle.com
(Ms. Solley accepted an Award for a city councilman this past February)

Elyria Chronicle Telegram
Cindy Leise (the reporter who wrote the story)
Date of Birth 11/07/1956
Resides in Elyria, OH
Work# (440) 329-7245
e-mail: cleise@chronicletelegram.com

The following is contact information from the papers respective websites:

Here's the contact page for the Warren Tribune Chronicle.

240 Franklin St. S.E. Warren, Ohio 44482
(330)841.1600 (local) or (888)550.TRIB (toll-free)

Here's some contact info for the staff:

Publisher: Charles Jarvis (330)841.1660 charlesjarvis@tribune-chronicle.com

General Manager: Len Blose (330)841.1670 lenblose@tribune-chronicle.com

Editor: Frank Robinson (330)841.1600 ext. 735 frobinson@tribune-chronicle.com

Here's the contact page for the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram.

The Chronicle-Telegram
P.O. Box 4010
225 East Avenue
Elyria, OH 44035

(440) 329-7000 or call The C-T toll free within Ohio at (800) 848-6397

& some contact info for some of its staff:

Editor: Andrew Young (440)329-7111

Managing editor: Patti Ewald (440)329-7126

News Editor: Dan Shortridge (440)329-7247

Many thanks to the anonymous friends who tracked down the info. Your assistance was invaluable.

Posted by Publicola at June 11, 2004 06:40 PM


I appreciate the info given but what I'm trying to do is a quid pro quo thing: this particular reporter didn't give the home addresses so I'm not going to print hers. Also, the address was unverified. It quite possibly could have been another person with the same name.

Again, I appreciate the info but I'm not going to post this reporters home addy unless she prints the addy's of CCW holders.

The sheriff & the reporters involved in the other case is a different story entirely, since they published the home addresses. If you find out their info & it's verifiable I'll be more than hapy to publish it.


Posted by: POedCHL holder at June 18, 2004 05:19 AM
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